wacky wreath

HGTV expert Tiffany Pratt on how to make a wacky wreath for your door this winter

Tiffany Pratt is a designer, artist, creative director and television personality on HGTV Canada’s Family Home Overhaul

During the holiday season I feel more compelled to DIY than ever because the festive season lends itself to all the extra glitter and bows! One of my favourite ways to extend the life of my many festive creations is to find a way to make them out of things that I already have and can add in or subtract the holiday frosting as the season comes and goes.

The one element that I invest my time and excitement in year after year is the wreath on my front door. It has become a conversation piece and I try and out do myself with it seasonally. As I was getting properly hydrated pre-holiday I realized my water of choice came in these lovely green plastic bottles that were too pretty to recycle.

So I immediately got to work making my wacky wreath out of green plastic bottles. For this project I used the MakerX wood and metal crafter by Worx Canada to poke and burn holes on either side of the bottle opening. Then I strung the bottles together in a circle with a simple wire to assemble the wreath.



I added in some pink decorative balls (Surprise! Surprise!) to make it full of cheer! I love how the transparent green bottles glow at night in the door light. The green looks like a real wreath but it is a fresh new take on the concept that will last season after season.

I plan to switch up the decorative pieces to keep this wacky wreath on my door all season long. Come Valentines Day you better believe I will be adding hearts to this wreath. For that project, I’ll use my MakerX heat gun and melt the hearts right onto the plastic bottles.

If you are not into the bottle idea you can use milk cartons, tin cans or any type of recyclable that you can collect en masse to create the impact as a circular collection of these items. Remember it is not what something is — it is what you can do with it, so the sky is the limit!

When it comes to DIY projects, the most important thing is to have fun! Get set up right! Make room to make a little mess and surround yourself with the right tools so that no matter what you tackle you will have what you need to make your dreams come to life!

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