Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto

One of Toronto’s most cherished live music venues is closing and needs a new home

After over three decades as a cornerstone of Toronto’s live music scene, The Phoenix Concert Theatre will be closing its doors at 410 Sherbourne St. on Jan. 15, 2025. The historic venue, known for hosting legendary performances and nurturing local talent, will be transformed into residential housing, with construction set to begin next year.

Since its inception, The Phoenix has been a vibrant hub for live music, showcasing an array of renowned artists such as The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Ramones, Foo Fighters, and Billie Eilish. It has also been a launchpad for Canadian icons including Rush, The Tragically Hip, and Alanis Morissette, solidifying its reputation as a vital player in Toronto’s cultural landscape.

The venue has also been a steadfast supporter of diversity, regularly hosting events for Toronto’s 2SLGBTQI community, Toronto Caribbean Carnival, and various community gatherings. Its inclusive atmosphere has made it a beloved space for a wide range of audiences and performers.

This fall, The Phoenix will celebrate its storied history with special programming featuring many artists who have graced its stage over the years. These events aim to honor the legacy of the venue and the community it has cultivated.

Johnny Marr and band at the Phoenix
Johnny Marr and band at the Phoenix

In the meantime, efforts are underway to find a new downtown location for The Phoenix. The venue’s owners are collaborating with City Councillor Chris Moise (Toronto Centre) and other city officials to secure a suitable site. This initiative underscores the city’s recognition of the importance of live music and cultural events in enriching Toronto’s vibrant arts scene.

“Addressing Toronto’s housing crisis remains a critical priority, but we must also preserve and nurture our city’s cultural spaces,” said Moise. “Arts and entertainment are integral pieces of creating vibrant, livable, complete communities. The Phoenix is an integral part of an ecosystem for our local businesses and the closure will have profound impacts for our budding artists, night economy, and on our downtown recovery efforts. I remain steadfast in my commitment to supporting The Phoenix find a new home.”

As The Phoenix Concert Theatre prepares for its final spin at 410 Sherbourne St., the search for a new home continues, ensuring that its legacy will endure in a new chapter for Toronto’s music community.

“The Phoenix at 410 Sherbourne will look to end the year with some of incredible programming saluting the artists and events that have helped build this venue to its legendary status,” said Zeke Myers, co-owner of The Phoenix. “We will close out our time here with a Celebrate the Phoenix series of concerts and events,  We have been very fortunate to develop fantastic relationships with artists, promoters and agents,  as well as media and community organizations, and we will do our best to bring together all of these worlds for a diverse and exciting grand finale.

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