Toronto’s best fish and chip spots for fin-tastic takeaway

Taste Test judge Anthony Rose samples the city’s most bountiful catch —fish and chips — the perfect dish to ring in spring.

Winner (Traditional): Sea Witch

“This is light and crispy, and I love the addition of the pickerel. I never order pickerel or halibut. I usually go for cod or haddock because I want two pieces, and it’s very expensive, but this is amazing. The fries are really good too. Everything tastes fresh and homemade.” Sea Witch Fish & Chips,636 St. Clair Ave. W., $19

Winner (new take on fish and chips): Miznon

“This is a good-looking sandwich. I like it quite a bit. It’s so great. It’s very well done, simple, delicious, totally different from anything else. I like their take on the chips with the addition of he fingerling potatoes, and the branzino is a nice change from the usual fish options.” Miznon, 1235 Bay St., $18

Off the Hook Fishbar

The is certainly different! I’ve never had a vegan take on fish and chips. The banana blossom is a really cool idea and tastes unlike anything I’ve had before.
The onion rings and fries are nice and crispy, and the tartar sauce, which is vegan as well, has a nice acidity to it.” Off the Hook Fishbar, 749 Broadview Ave., $18

High Street Fish and Chips

“This tastes like it might be frozen — which isn’t a bad thing. I’m not against frozen in general. The hake is firm and flaky and an unconventional choice. The batter is a little on the soggy side, but it still holds together really well. The tartar sauce is heavy on the mayonnaise, which I enjoy, and the fries are just OK.” High Street Fish and Chips, 55 Underhill Dr., $11.45

Old Yorke Fish and Chips

“This tastes very old school. The batter is quite good, crispy, delicious and thin. The halibut is meaty and much richer and healthier than the other options, which I appreciate. I like these fries; they’re kind of on the sweet side.” Olde Yorke Fish & Chips, 96 Laird Dr., $21.50

Smash Bar & Kitchen

“Very crunchy, and the haddock tastes fresh. The batter is very aromatic, and there’s not too much of it — it’s nice and thin. The fries are really good too — crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Nothing here is overly greasy, which I appreciate.” Smash Kitchen & Bar, 4261 Hwy. 7 E., Unionville, $20.50

Fresco’s Fish and Chips

“This is pretty! The Miss Vickie’s batter is crispy, super crunchy and very delicious. I love the co- leslaw and the creaminess of it. Overall this is a solid dish. It’s really flavourful and hearty, and the halibut is perfectly cooked.” Fresco’s Fish & Chips, 201 Augusta Ave., $25

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