The ultimate guide to every kind of viral croissant you can find in Toronto

Trends, fads, and viral sensations come and go — being short-lived is part of their definitions, after all. But, some things end up getting more than their 15 minutes of fame, and for the past few years, it’s the croissant that’s stolen the spotlight.

It’s not just any croissants, either; the ones going viral are the ones that are truly special—straying from the traditional crescent shape, taking on unique flavours, combining with other sweet treats, or, coming in remarkable sizes.

Never behind on the trends, Toronto has all the viral croissants you might be looking for.


Evana Patisserie & Café has just added the newest addition to Toronto’s ultimate croissant craze—the crookie. A delicious combination of cookie and croissant that’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, this matchup went viral in Paris but has found its new home in Toronto. Evana Café serves up two options: the original chocolate chip crookie and the matcha crookie with white chocolate chips. $7.25. 390 Silver Star Blvd., Scarborough.

Mini Square Croissants


Croissants have been around for centuries but forming them into cubes is a relatively new idea only launched about five years ago. Korean bakery, Kream Dessert, has just about every kind you could dream up, and they’re calling them Kream Bombs. With an extensive selection from Earl Grey to Matcha Crème Brule, you’ll want to step in to see all the options for yourself. $5.90 to $6.40. 526 Yonge St.

Supreme Croissant


Perhaps the hottest viral croissant right now is the Supreme Croissant—a round, cream-filled or cream-garnished version of the pastry. The flavour opportunities with this one are endless and Geste Bistro & Boulangerie is trying every single one. Offered as their rotating specials of the week, flavours at the bakery have included tiramisu, pistachio and fig, fig and hazelnut, and even a Piña Colada. $10 each. 506 Queen Street W.



This delicious hybrid of a croissant made into a waffle is a dessert that was originally popularized in South Korea, and became popular because of the combination of breakfast dishes and how its shape holds syrups on the pastry. The Annex’s Dessert Fox has made these flaky waffles their specialty, serving them up in an extensive list of flavours including a plain, a Nutella banana, blueberry cream cheese, oreo, and tiramisu. $4.50 to 12.50 depending on the flavour. 635 Bloor St., W.  



Similar to a cinnamon roll, the cruffin is the love child of breakfast match made in heaven. At Circles & Squares Bakery, cruffins are treated like the delicacy they are with flavours constantly rotating. Matcha strawberry, ruby chocolate, mango passionfruit, and peanut butter and jelly are just a few of the favourites that have made their way though the bakery. $7. 197 Bartley Dr., North York.


Perhaps the matchup that started in all, the cronut was trademarked by French pastry chef Dominique Ansel in 2013 and a decade, continues to have the same hold over pastry lovers. Torontonians can visit Nord Lyon to pick up the O ‘de’ Lyon, a signature cronut filled with lemon cream and topped with white chocolate icing. $8.80 665 Queen Street W.

Giant Croissant, Little Pebbles, $25

The Giant Croissant at Little Pebbles was all that was talked about on the internet last year, and rightfully so. This Japanese-inspired bakery in Kensington Market gained so much popularity that they just opened their second location at 540 College Street, where they are serving all the viral croissants you could ask for. Are you up for the challenge of finishing a 1-kilometre croissant in one seating? $25 160 Baldwin St. and 540 College St.

Ice cream croissant


Last year, ice cream lovers had a dream come true when ice cream croissants—or ice cream crones—were popping up around town. Each of the GTA Hazukido Canada locations served up a selection of these ice cream with abundant ice cream flavours filling the hallowed out pastries. Last year’s flavours included hazelnut, oreo, salted caramel, and rainbow—but who knows what will go viral this summer? 1200 Bay St.

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