How to spend a day at Centre Island in Toronto

The Toronto Islands are a great way to escape the city for a day. You can take a ferry to Centre Island – the cheapest and most popular way to get there – or a water taxi for a quick and less crowded trip. Once there, there are more than enough activities to keep you busy for the day, whether it’s renting a bike, visiting the amusement park or relaxing at the beach.

Plan your day around these adventures for all ages on the island.

Visit the amusement park

Centre Island’s amusement park, known as the Centreville Amusement Park, has various rides for all ages and excitement levels. You’ll want to arrive early to avoid crowds. 

If you’re looking to relax, try the Sky Ride or even the Swan Ride while you sit back and enjoy the amazing skyline views. Looking for something a little more extreme? Try the Bumper Boats or even the Log Flume Ride.

There are two types of tickets available at the park. The first is the Grounds Pass, which allows you entrance to the park, splash pad and the farm, but does not allow you to try all the rides. 

If you’re looking for access to everything at the park, you’re going to want to upgrade to the All-Day Ride Pass. That pass comes in at around $30 per person. Tickets must be purchased online

Petting farm 

If you’re not into amusement parks and rides, you can visit Far Enough Farm, right next door to the rides, which has over 40 species of farm animals. This petting farm was established in 1959 and has been a popular staple for visitors.

Take a hike

After visiting the island’s cutest residents at the petting farm, you can take a hike through the Toronto Islands Trail. This 14km out-and-back trail is perfect for hikers of all skill levels and can even be enjoyed by your dog (although they must be kept on a leash).

Rent a bike or paddle boat

You can also tour the island on a bike. Bike rentals are $9/hr and a great way to get to know the island. You could also try paddle boarding with a view. Paddle boats are $50/person with Toronto Island SUP.

Hit the beach

Despite the rain, summer in the city has been as hot as ever, with temperatures peaking just below 30 C. Bring your swimsuit and take a dip in the water to cool down at the Centre Island beach. The beach stretches east and west of the old pier and is family-friendly with lockers and bathrooms near by.

Get a bite to eat

While you could always bring your own meal for a picnic with a view, you could also opt for a sit down meal at Beach Bar, Café Carousel or Toronto Island BBQ & Beer Co.

Before you end your day on the island, you’ll have to try the Canadian classic, Beaver Tails. This delicious fried pastry comes with a wide selection of toppings to satisfy your cravings, including Nutella, fruit, Oreo, Reese’s, and even apple pie. 

With so much to do, you’ll be thinking that there isn’t enough time in the day to enjoy the whole island. But it’ll be there all summer long for you to enjoy!


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