5 incredible Black-owned restaurants to support in Toronto right now

Celebrate the achievements and contributions of Black individuals and communities in Canada during Black History Month. Show your support by exploring Toronto’s vibrant Black-owned eateries.

Here re 5 incredible Black-owned restaurants to support in Toronto right now.



Founded by Haitian Torontonians Amir Senat and Ricardo Province, Boukan is a Haitian Caribbean fusion restaurant specializing in Fritay (fried foods) and organic, made-to-order dishes loved by locals. The dishes are presented artistically and vibrantly, fostering a welcoming atmosphere for guests. History is intertwined with the restaurant’s culture, evident upon entering the space. The goal is to establish a sustainable menu and business model, with plans for future trademarking and franchising.

Heartbreak Chef


In Kensington Market, the Heartbreak Chef, Jerome Robinson, serves up decadent comfort foods, including behemoth burgers and sublime sandwiches that steal the show. The Big Ass chicken sandwich might be one of the most popular of the Heartbreak Chef’s dishes. Another fan favourite is the Dutty chicken sandwich, which is a spin on the classic; coating the mass amounts of fried chicken in a house-made jerk sauce, with a jerk mayo layered on for extra flavour.

Miss Likklemore’s

The chic King West restaurant co-founded by Lonie Murdock and Darren Hinds, features an upscale Caribbean-inspired menu, rooted in Jamaican heritage and family recipes. The menu features shareable appetizers, family-style plates and sides, menu highlights include starters such as Sea Bream Crudo with charred pineapple, ponzu, sesame seeds and olive oil, and Likkle Patties with braised oxtail, spicy beef and fermented mango hot sauce. Family Style plates range from Crab XO with Carolina gold rice, snow crab, toasted coconut and cilantro to Miss Edna’s Whole Smoked Jerk Chicken with jerk chicken jus. The entire menu is complemented by Miss Likklemore’s collection of hot sauces made in-house.

Afrobeat Kitchen


Victor Ugwuek’s widely popular recipes range from Nigerian jollof to Buka beef to oxtail pepper soup, each crafted with a fusion twist, which is inspired by his own upbringing in Lagos, Nigeria, where his mother owned restaurants. Afrobeat Kitchen’s cuisine is inspired by part sauce part stew dishes, which are colloquially called soups in Ugeuek’s native Nigeria.

Rasta Pasta


If you head down to Kensington Market and walk by Rasta Pasta, there’s a good chance you’ll see co-owner Magnus Patterson making jerk chicken outside — using a black oil drum barbecue that reminds you of street-side vendors in the Caribbean. Rasta Pasta serves up pasta and jerk chicken in a small but stylish Jamaican-Italian fusion takeout shop. From the pastas to the jerk sauce, everything is made from scratch, daily, in-house.

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