Miss Likklemore

Beloved Caribbean cuisine pop-up finally gets new permanent space

The gone-too-soon Caribbean cuisine pop-up Miss Likklemore’s is finally here to stay as a new permanent location is open for Torontonians to get some serious end-of-summer vides and delicious food right now.

Darren Hinds (of The Good Son) and Lonie Murdock created the Miss Likklemore’s pop-up on Queen West back in the day, and it left its mark on the local dining scene.

The duo found willing partners in Scale Hospitality to put the concept on a larger and delicious stage with a new 65-seat restaurant that includes an intimate 12-seat private dining room, an open concept kitchen, and an outdoor patio.

Jerk chicken at Miss Likklemore’s

“I’m so excited to be able to take our families’ recipes and showcase them through our interpretation of thoughtful Caribbean cuisine. This is exemplified by dishes such as Miss Edna’s jerk chicken and Darren’s mother’s carrot cake,” said Lonie Murdock, Partner, Miss Likklemore’s. “We’re not trying to be traditional, but we’re always mindful of tradition as we pay homage to the glorious flavours of our roots.”

Scale Hospitality restaurateur Hanif Harji experienced the original pop-up and apparently, it left a mark.

“Our mission was to honour and shine a bright light on the beauty of the Caribbean food and culture that we love and admire through fine fare, eclectic music, and an inviting room with relaxed but thoughtful service,” said Harji.

Murdock developed the menu for the new space alongside Scale corporate executive chef Ted Corrado and corporate chef Zach Albertson. It’s described as “a gastronomic adventure through the Caribbean.”

Crab at Miss Likklemore’s

The menu features shareable appetizers, family-style plates and sides, menu highlights include starters such as Sea Bream Crudo with charred pineapple, ponzu, sesame seeds and olive oil, and Likkle Patties with braised oxtail, spicy beef and fermented mango hot sauce. Family Style plates range from Crab XO with Carolina gold rice, snow crab, toasted coconut and cilantro to Miss Edna’s Whole Smoked Jerk Chicken with jerk chicken jus. The entire menu is complemented by Miss Likklemore’s collection of hot sauces made in-house.

“My passion for Caribbean cuisine and culture has always driven me to find a way to express it in the most unique way possible while paying homage to its culture, flavours, and regions. I’ve always believed that an upscale interpretation of these favourite foods that I grew up on would benefit Toronto’s culinary landscape,” said Darren Hinds on Likklemore’s new, permanent home.

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