Justin Bieber just cancelled his Toronto shows again and fans are upset

Justin Bieber fans have patiently waited for two years to see the Toronto star in concert – but now it turns out they’ll have to wait a little bit longer. Bieber announced on Instagram Tuesday afternoon that he will be postponing his Toronto shows, scheduled for June 7 and June 8, due to his sickness getting worse.

Bieber originally postponed his world tour dates back in 2020 to 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But with the pandemic still raging in 2021, he rescheduled the dates once again, moving the Toronto shows to this week.

“Can’t believe I’m saying this. I’ve done everything to get better but my sickness is getting worse,” Bieber announced on his Instagram story at 1:15 p.m. “My heart breaks that I will have to postpone these next few shows (doctors [sic] orders). To all my people I love you so much and I’m gonna rest and get better!”

His fans, known for their die-hard support of the artist, have been sending him well wishes on social media since the announcement.

Some fans were obviously upset about the third cancellation in a row, voicing their concern on Twitter.

One fan even suggested Bieber just stand on stage to perform so that fans can still attend the concert.

Fans are also wondering when the shows will be postponed to, though Bieber has yet to announce new dates for Toronto.

Bieber has definitely been busy – after releasing Timbiebs, Bieber’s exclusive Timbit collection with Tim Hortons in November, the singer also just released his own coffee cold brew with Tim Hortons called Biebs Brew.

While fans have been disappointed again tonight, hopefully the wait won’t be too long for the rescheduled concerts.

Get well soon, Justin!

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