The best nachos in Toronto according to a Michelin chef

Toronto’s nacho scene is unbeatable. From crispy chips to gooey cheese, the city’s best restaurants turn nachos into a main meal.

Chef Anthony Rose, the genius behind Fat Pasha, spills the beans (and the cheese!) on Toronto’s top nacho spots.

Winner: Planta

“This is gorgeous! I really like the look of this dish. It’s got everything I could want in a plate of nachos, and it’s very appetizing with a nice smoky flavour. I really dig the taste of the jackfruit. I don’t miss the meat here at all.” $17.95 Multiple locations including 1o Temperance St.

Runner-Up: Foodieez Indian Hakka Cuisine

“I like the look of these chips. They look and taste just like Cool Ranch Doritos. When I eat butter chicken [like this], I want to be able to dip something into it, and Doritos are a really cool thing to have on hand. If I was making nachos at home, I would definitely try this.” $17.99, 1060 Eglinton Ave. W.

Sneaky Dee’s

“This is a classic plate and it looks great. There’s something that tastes a little fake with these nachos and it’s a little off-putting — I’m not sure if it’s the salsa — but there’s a nice amount of melted cheese, and I like how crispy the tortilla chips are.” $30, 431 College St.

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The Leaside Pub

“This is a good looking plate of nachos. There’s a little too much cheese for my liking, but it’s got refried beans, which I adore on a plate of nachos, and I like that they took the time to layer it, which a lot of restaurants don’t take the time to do.” $16.99, 190 Laird Dr.

Jakes on Main

“It’s a really cool-looking dish, and I really like the barbecue flavour. There’s a good amount of pork, and I like the addition of the cabbage and carrots. It’s a fun play on the classic barbecue and coleslaw.” $19.50, 202 Main St., Unionville

Amigos Latin Flavour

“The tortilla chips taste fresh and crispy, and I feel like they might even be made in-house. They don’t really look like traditional nachos but my mouth is still salivating just looking at them. The chorizo is a cool spin on the traditional beef that’s normally used.”  $10.95, 1291 Wilson Ave. North York

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