The best soup in Toronto according to a Michelin chef

Nothing beats the January chill like a bowl of soup and Toronto has a rich and diverse selection. As the Super Bowl approaches, we’ve curated eight of the city’s most iconic soups, presented them to chef Anthony Rose, and asked him to rank them for our inaugural soup-off!

Winner: United Bakers’ split pea soup

 Flavour: 4.8 Comfort Level: 4.9

This soup tastes like my childhood. It’s balanced and the flavours are  good. You can tell it’s been made by masters.” United Bakers Dairy Restaurant, 506 Lawrence Ave. W., $4.49–$5.49.

Runner-up: Ramen Isshin’s spicy red miso

Flavour: 4.3 Comfort level: 4.2

“It’s got nice layers of spice and deep, rich flavours. The pork is tasty, and I love these thick noodles.” 421 College St., $20.95.

Sukho Thia’s Tôm Yum Soup

Flavour: 4.7 Comfort Level: 4.4

“I love the whole mushrooms in this. The shrimp are perfectly cooked. The flavours are good, and I love the chunkiness.” 2 Fenton Rd., Markham, $16.
Flavour: 4.7 Comfort Level: 4.4

Maison Selby’s French onion soup

Flavour: 4.1, Comfort level: 4.3

“The onions are cooked perfectly, and the broth is delicious. This soup is really hard to pull off for takeout.”  592 Sherbourne St., $19.

Café Diplomatico’s Minestrone

Flavour: 2 Comfort Level: 4.5

“It doesn’t have the flavours I’m looking for in a minestrone: there’s not a lot of seasoning, but it looks great.”
594 College St., $10.

Dynasty’s vegetarian hot and sour soup

Flavour: 3.8,Comfort level: 4.2

“If I’m going out for Chinese food, I’m definitely ordering this. This is great soup.” 69 Yorkville Ave., $7.95

Rodney’s Oyster House clam chowder

Flavour: 4, Comfort level: 4.3

“Nice viscosity and I’m loving the chunks of clams. There’s a little bit of spice in the background.”  469 King St. W., $14.

Copper Chimney’s mulligatawny

Flavour: 2.5, Comfort level: 3

“This soup is filled with veggies and lentils and has a nice thickness to it. This doesn’t have anything to do with mulligatawny, though.” Copper Chimney, 2050 Avenue Rd., Mulligatawny, $8

Post City’s tasting chef Anthony Rose is the Michelin-recommended visionary behind Fat Pasha, Schmaltz and Fet Zun.

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