Meet Phono-Mat a new vending machine in the city just for vinyl records

Sonic Boom is giving music lovers the chance to experience records in a revolutionary way. Meet Phono-Mat, the world’s first randomized record vending machine which is sure to introduce people to their next list of top hits.

Sonic Boom is the country’s largest independent music store, acting as a landmark and staple of the music scene in Toronto. The store has been around since 2001, feeding Torontonians a healthy dose of records, CDs, cassettes, band T’s and much more.

The Phono-Mat is located inside the store and can be accessed by a token. Just approach the front desk, ask for a token, specify whether you’d like a 7 or 12-inch record, and one will come tumbling out. Each time the machine is used, a random record will spit out, letting the machine choose your next musical adventure.

Sonic Boom on Spadina Avenue

This new installation at Sonic Boom is ideal for rabid-record hunters who enjoy a bit of a hunt. Whether you’re a beginner or someone with a seasoned collection of vinyl, the machine is bound to offer something new to everyone.

The machine was designed and manufactured here in the six by Craig Small, the creator of Biblio-Mat. This coin-operated dispenser serves the same function as the Phono-Mat, although it spits out books instead of lively tracks.

Sonic Boom is located at 215 Spadina Ave. and is open every day from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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