Famous all-day Indian breakfast and chai tea spot from the U.K. opens in Toronto

The latest in quick-service restaurants has crossed the pond for a second time and opened its doors in Toronto, serving up popular Indian drinks and eats at 55 Lebovic Avenue in Scarborough.

Hailing from the U.K., the world-famous all-day breakfast and Indian tea spot, Chaiiwala, officially opened in September, with lineups of thirsty customers already spilling out of the store and down the street.

Quick service restaurants are everywhere.

Think Tim Hortons for a coffee and a bagel when you’re en route to a cottage or a trip into Starbucks for a quick hit of caffeine before the work-day starts. Chaiiwala is the latest in go-to spots for a caffeine fix and delicious food.

The Food

This café is best known for its Indian tea, Karak Chai, which takes an astonishing 45 minutes to brew but results in a smooth and creamy drink infused with special spices and sweetened to your tastes.

Chaiiwala’s teas come in a variety of milky flavours.

This hot drink comes in a variety of flavours including cinnamon, mint, or saffron. Fans of chai teas from other popular cafes in the city will be hard-pressed to find something more authentic than Chaiiwala.

In addition to hot and iced beverages, Chaiiwala serves up delicious South Asian take-out.

Pav Bhaji – a traditional curry of mixed vegetables in special spices, served with soft bread.

Up for grabs is a variety of Desi dishes like Karachi Bun Kebabs – a soft round kebab wrapped in an omelet with special, house-made sauce.

The kebab rolls.

There is also a broad range of desserts to choose from like the Nutella Wrap which is simply melted Nutella on a handmade roti or a chocolate chai mousse if you’re looking for a sweet treat.

The Nutella wrap

Canada is now home to two Chaiiwala cafes (the first one opened up in Abbotsford, B.C.) with massive expansion plans slated for Canada in 2022. The goal for the company is to open a total of 10 new sites across Toronto and B.C. by the end of the year, so you will be seeing a lot more Chaiiwala in the months to come.

“Canada is the perfect country for expansion as your demographic growth closely mirrors the growth we saw in the U.K.,” procurement and retail development director Musadiq Jivraj says. “Twenty to thirty years ago, your communities welcomed many newcomers from the South Asian, Middle Eastern, Somalian, Chinese, East African and other South Asian Diaspora communities.”


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