What I Wore: a quirky tank top from Correll Correll, perfect for not-too-hot summer days

There are certain items in fashion that make you wonder what the designer was thinking. Was the piece literally made with eyes closed shut? Sometimes, you’re not even sure if the item is ugly or genuinely amazing (as much as I love Prada, it definitely springs to mind here).

This tank top, for example, reminds of something that I (someone who cannot knit to save her life) might have made in one of my childhood art classes. At the same time, I am completely obsessed with it. I think it’s a piece that leans more towards being a genius work of art. To me, it says something like, “My cool, kooky granny with purple hair made this for me.” Which is exactly why it’s so awesome.

For someone who loves to wear sweaters as much as I do, this piece is actually perfect for the summer months. Why? Well, it’s a tank top. And it’s not made from itchy wool. Perfect, of course, for post-heat wave Toronto, when it’s actually bearable to wear clothing with a higher density than tissue paper.


What I Wore: Knit tank by Correll Correll; shorts by Something Else (both from Rac Boutique); leopard shoes by Joie.

Grace Carroll is a Toronto-based freelance writer whose work has appeared in ELLE UK, ELLEcanada.com, Plaid magazine and FILLER magazine. Keep up with her daily blog at www.graciecarroll.com.

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