This restaurant brings the heart of Afghanistan cuisine to Toronto

Streets Of Toronto X Naan Kabob

The beloved Afghan restaurant, Naan Kabob, has reimagined their menu and experience to bring the heart of Afghanistan—the community atmosphere and delicious cuisine—to the streets of Toronto. With dishes adapted from home cooked recipes, the Naan Kabob experience showcases central Asian flavours in an amazing menu packed with shareable dishes. 

The Naan Kabob Experience 

Naan Kabob has rediscovered itself to offer an experience that is more than taste, attention, and ambience. It is an experience that offers something deeper and uplifting. Inviting guests to explore, discover and feel at home, all while in the comfort of their restaurant.

New All Love Menu 

With a new “all love menu,” each dish matters. The chefs have carefully curated and reimagined their menu, which is inspired by childhood memories and influenced by exotic spices from the heart of Afghanistan. 

The Story

Naan Kabob was born from a family dream of a new home away from home—a family who followed the footsteps of the spice route merchants on a journey of a lifetime. From Afghanistan in the East, to Canada in the West, and through other central Asian countries, Naan Kabob celebrates a world of flavours and a legacy of homemade recipes. 

Annual Food Drive in support of Toronto Daily Bread

Paying homage to their community inspired traditions, Naan Kabob hosts an annual Food Drive in support of Toronto Daily Bread. This year, the food drive will take place at Kennedy Commons on November 26th from 12PM until 4PM. With the hope of combating food hunger, Naan Kabob invites people to bring in any non-perishable food items. 

Their previous Food drive saw over 500 lbs of food donations, a number which they hope to exceed at this year’s event. 

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