The rise of black windows: Exploring a trend in Canadian home design

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The trend of new black windows has been steadily increasing in Canadian home design. Ontario homeowners seeking a bold, eye-catching alternative to traditional white windows will install black windows more often in 2023.

Experts from Ecoline Windows Ottawa share their insights into the buzz of black windows and offer helpful tips for those considering a window replacement.

Why black windows?

Black is a traditional colour loved by many home designers, architects and renovation experts. And windows painted black have a unique ability to elevate a home’s curb appeal. 

The bold, contrasting appearance of these units stands out. It complements a wide range of exterior colours and materials, making black windows popular among homeowners looking to renovate their houses in 2023. 

Additionally, black windows are versatile enough to suit various architectural styles, from modern and contemporary to traditional and farmhouse-style homes. Their timeless aesthetic ensures they remain stylish for years to come.

New black windows: Energy efficiency and durability

Many homeowners prefer black windows not only because they look good but also due to the simplicity of keeping the original look while offering the best thermal performance.

Energy efficiency:

  • Modern black windows often feature advanced materials and technologies, leading to improved insulation and reduced drafts. The best windows can offer up to 55 per cent more energy efficiency compared to regular products.
  • The dark colour can help minimize solar heat gain, keeping your home cooler during hot periods.

Durability and little to no maintenance:

  • High-end black window frames easily withstand fading and chipping, keeping the excellent original look for decades after installation.
  • Minimal spring upkeep is required, making them an ideal choice for Ontario homeowners. 

How to install the best black windows for your home

When considering black window replacement, there are a few aspects to remember, just as with any other windows.

Frame materials:

Choosing the right frame material for your new black windows is vital to balance energy efficiency, durability, cost and upkeep. While you can find many options, modern windows are usually equipped with vinyl frames. Vinyl is a cost-effective, energy-efficient and low-maintenance material, making it an attractive choice for Ontario homeowners.

Window types:

The right window style will not only complement the exterior look of your house but also affect ultimate energy efficiency and home value. Some popular options to consider are:

  • Casement windows: Best for energy efficiency and ventilation
  • Double-hung windows: Traditional, easy-maintenance windows 
  • Sliding windows: Modern units for clear views and optimal airflow
  • Picture windows: Fixed units usually installed in living rooms for unobstructed views and maximum thermal performance.

Customization options:

If you want to boost the market value of your house, getting a unique configuration for your new black windows might be a fantastic option.

  • Grid patterns: Select from various grid patterns to enhance your home’s architectural style and add visual interest.
  • Glass options: Choose from different glass types, such as low-E, tempered, or tinted, to meet your specific needs for energy efficiency and safety.

Window replacement in 2023: Where to start? 

Black windows offer a stunning, versatile and lasting addition to any home. But before embarking on a window replacement:

  • Inspect your current units for signs of wear and tear, such as rot, cracks or drafts. 
  • Evaluate your energy bills and overall window performance. This will help you understand whether a full replacement or retrofitting is needed. 

If you decide to go with new windows, consult several local window companies for expert advice on the best black window options for your home’s style and functionality needs. Your preferred window company should:

  • Sell only Energy Star-rated black windows;
  • Have a variety of window styles and configurations;
  • Provide a free quote and consultation for your replacement project;
  • Work with in-house installers
  • Offer a 25-year hassle-free warranty for black windows;

To install the best black windows for your home, visit Ecoline Windows Ottawa or call (613)-706-0319. Window experts will be happy to consult you on the suitable model, help to claim maximum government rebates and ensure hassle-free installation.

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