The best meatball sandwiches in Toronto, according to everyone’s favourite Nonna

Meaty, saucy and oh so cheesy, the meatball is the epitome of comfort food. With Mama Rosa, our previous meatball Taste Test winner, as the judge, we’re set for an epic showdown. Read on to see who earns the title of ultimate meatball sandwich champion.

Winner: Papamio’s

I love this crusty bun — you don’t want your meatball sandwich to fall apart or get soggy, which can happen when the bun is too soft. The meat is nice and juicy, and there’s a good amount of sauce.”  934 Manning Ave., $12.75

Runner-Up: California Sandwiches

“I like the flavours. The sandwich is a little bit spicy, but I like some heat. The meatballs are nice and juicy, and there’s
a lot of cheese.”  3701 Chesswood Dr., North York, $15.75

3rd Place: Nono D’Aversa

“The bun is perfect, and the sauce you can tell it’s homemade. There’s also a nice amount of meat — the balls are not
too big like some of the others.” 7287 Yonge St., Thornhill, $13.95

4th Place: Good Behaviour

“The flavours here are very strong — a little too much garlic. “The meatball is moist and I like the fresh basil and provolone.” 342 Westmoreland Ave. N., $17

5th Place: Boccone Deli & Pizza

“The meatballs are OK but I think they need some more flavour — something is missing. But overall it’s not a bad sandwich.” 1384 Yonge St., $10

6th Place: Stock T.C


“I love lots of toppings on my meatball sandwich, so I like the roasted red peppers here. The tomato sauce has a
nice flavour too.” 2388 Yonge St., $14


Rosa Marinuzzi | Streets of Toronto’s tasting chef, has been charming diners at her restaurant 7 Numbers since 2001.

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