Secret garden party by Paris Paris team happening weekly in Toronto

Hidden pop-up takes place every Sunday near Ossington

Paris Paris, Toronto’s favourite wine bar, has a new pop-up sister restaurant they’d like you to meet. Garden Garden (the family resemblance begins with the double name) is hidden just across the street and is chef Jonathan Poon’s answer to the Sunday Scaries. 

Open only on Sundays until the summer’s end, Garden Garden is serving up insanely good Mexican cuisine out of a kindergarten courtyard while school’s out for the summer — it’s basically a boozy garden party every Sunday from 3-10pm. But this isn’t the first time Poon has taken on a summer patio pop-up. Last year’s theme was Thai barbecue — a concept that has now become a permanent restaurant in his latest project Favourites Thai BBQ.  

When it comes to Garden Garden, Poon says he personally can’t get enough of their lamb tacos; fresh corn tortillas from Maizal with braised lamb, onion, olives and a green salsa, “I could eat them all day and sometimes I do” he says.

So if you’re looking to get in on the secret, bring your bills to this cash-only setup and enjoy margarita slushies, some Modelo beers, and, of course, there are some white, rose, and red wine options, even some vinho verde and cava. Garden Garden is no frills and all fun. 


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