Paris Paris

146 Ossington Ave,
Toronto, ON M6J 2Z5
About the Restaurant

Jonathan Poon, Jesse Fader and Gani Schqueir know what the people want. Since sashaying onto the food scene in hipsterville, Paris Paris has been welcomed with open arms. The room — light filled and unpretentious — acts as a fitting backdrop for a culinary team that is pulling weight in all corners. Chef de cuisine Nick Morra, who’s been at Chantecler and La Banane, seduces with his soft shell crab dish. Meanwhile, sous Josh Bagalacsa is doing wild things with charcuterie (namely nabbing a gold prize at the 2019 Charcuterie Masters competition for his chorizo). Baker Patti Robinson does wonderful things with bread. Right now it’s heritage grains and naturally leavened breads. She works directly with farmers and millers that produce the flour used in the loaves. Be sure to grab one for home. Finally, it is a wine bar, and right now folks are sipping red, white and rosé from Martha Stoumen — a California winemaker whose goods are just starting to trickle into Ontario. Poon himself is excited about the arrival of white asparagus (now) and matsutake mushrooms (later). Find them on the menu. To sum up: this is a team you can trust.


“Paris Paris may be the perfect restaurant. Impeccably executed and perfectly accessible, this place almost defies description.”