From Canada Goose to Nobis: T.O. founder on creating an outerwear brand of his own

Before Robin Yates was making a name for himself as the co-founder of Toronto luxury outerwear brand Nobis, he had already made his mark on the city’s cold weather fashion as the vice-president of Canada Goose. We spoke with the winter outerwear expert about making the move to his own brand, a new eco-friendly initiative with Nobis and more.

What inspired you to found Nobis? 

I needed something that could take me from up north at the cottage to whatever international location I found myself in. Those who know me well know I love snowmobiling in -30℃ and then dining with friends and family. I wanted a product that performed in both environments.

Does Canada deserve its reputation as the gold standard for outerwear?

Canada is one of the best environments in the world to design outerwear, thanks to the cold weather and the range of seasonality and conditions we live through. Canada is recognized as a true leader in this category.

Nobis just created a new peer-to-peer resale initiative — tell us more.

Next by Nobis was created to bring added value to our customers by extending the end-of-life cycle of customers’ products while reducing our carbon footprint. This program will grant customers access to authentic pre-owned products and allow them to sell older products without contributing to landfills.

Why did Nobis close its Yorkville store? 

We decided to focus on supporting our key retail partners in Toronto and ensuring our owned retail presence complements the city. Our flagship store on Queen Street West now has a wider range of products and services.

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