Where to buy the spookiest Halloween cupcakes in Toronto

It’s spooky season, and what’s better than curling up on a cold night with a scary flick and some tasty treats? Trick-or-treating might be reserved for the kids, but us adults like our Halloween treats, too. Here are our top picks for places to purchase last-minute Halloween cupcakes in Toronto.

The Cupcake Shoppe

Located in a charming nook just off Yonge Street, these cupcakes have a sweetly divine reputation. The talented artists of the Cupcake Shoppe design classically revered Halloween imagery, like the jack-o-lantern, ghosts, and ghouls. There is even a two-toned orange shaded version that will bring you back to the days of candy corn. This bakeshop is entirely nut-free, with gluten and vegan options available.

Sweet Flour Bake Shop

This shop thrives on its delicious production of cupcakes, cookies, and ice cream. Their cupcakes are gourmet, adding a little class to your Halloween get together. Even if it is a small gathering for the kids, they are sure to be thrilled by the bright, vibrant shades of ghosts, spiders and bats adorning the treats!


When it comes to getting into the Halloween spirit, vegan and gluten-free bakeshop Bunner’s is always on point. Along with spooky and scrumptious treats including a spider mini and goth rainbow cake and a minty, “evil twin” version of their uber-popular Josephine Louise — the Jose-Mean Louise — the cupcake of the month looks like a totally grody brain made with whipped frosting and sour cherry goo drizzled on top.

The Grand Order of Divine Sweets

These desserts are lovingly made by self-professed nerds who love combining their passions with baked goods. This cafe is cosy and is a place you will feel at home if you are a horror film geek. Along with their spooky cupcakes, which feature eerie shades of icing like green and black, this bakeshop also does a variety of other scary-looking treats, like brain-shaped chocolate rats, a Friday the 13th cake complete with Jason’s mask and a creamy, spiced, non-caffeinated drink called the Pumpkin King.

Short and Sweet Bakeshop

This shop goes in for both the looks and the taste! Pre-order their creepy cupcake pack with some charming and delightful toppings. They create unique flavours, with pumpkin spice chocolate chip twice-baked only available for the fall season. The bakeshop is are 100 per cent nut-free, too. This location is as sweet as its namesake, with a vast selection of styles and flavours that will bring you back for another visit.