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Toronto resident orders 440 pounds of famous Montreal bagels

Rachel Lissner, originally from Washington D.C., applied for Canadian citizenship on May 11 and wanted to mark the occasion with a treat from her favourite Montreal bagel spot, St. Viateur



The only problem was that shipping topped more than $16 for two-dozen bagels, but Lissner wasn’t giving up on getting her bagel fix. She went online to community Facebook groups for Dufferin Grove and Seaton Village and asked her neighbours if they’d be interested in splitting shipping costs. 

One hundred people later, Lissner ordered 440 pounds of St. Viateur bagels (more than 2,000 bagels in total). Lissner also raised $880 for a local non-profit organization, Sistering. She told CTV News that combining the two was a “no-brainer.” St. Viateur donated generously to the organization as well. 



Lissner’s favourite St. Viateur flavour is rosemary with rock salt, but the most popular flavour ordered was the standard sesame seed bagels in the epic order. 

Lissner’s bagel order is the biggest St. Viateur has ever filled. 



St. Viateur bagels are sold throughout the Toronto area at Metro locations.

The bagel shop has also set up online shipping to the Toronto area directly through their website including special “bagel boxes” that allow you to mix and match varieties and logo-emblazoned merchandise.

Order by 6 p.m. on Saturday, May 23 to get fresh bagels next week. 

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