Coffee and a croissant from Cafe x Bica

This stunning new café in Yorkville has hour-long queues

Toronto, a city that runs on coffee, boasts a sea of shops catering to both locals and tourists. But one new spot in Yorkville — Cafe x Bica—stands out, not just for its delicious coffee but also for its stunning interior that draws queues of eager patrons seeking Instagram-worthy snaps.

The café, situated in a design showroom, features a collaborative design by Elviano design firm and furniture brand Atriani. It’s arguably the most TikToked and Instagrammed café in Toronto, with bloggers raving about its unparalleled aesthetic appeal, making it a must-visit spot in the city. On weekends, if you have the time (and the patience) you might wait hours just to grab a seat inside.


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Cafe x Bica was conceived with the intention of providing a haven for people to relax, “carpe diem” and let their imaginations wander — all while enjoying a delicious cup of joe. The owners, who have a deep connection to coffee, wanted to create a space that encapsulates their love for luxury aesthetics and their cultural heritage. In their household, “bica” (Portuguese for coffee) holds significance beyond a mere beverage — it’s a cultural emblem. This fusion of design and coffee culture is the essence of Cafe x Bica, distinguishing it within Toronto’s bustling cafe scene.

The café offers premium coffee beans from Brazil, Ecuador, and Kenya, specializing in pour-over coffee with a focus on ethical sourcing. Supporting farmers and prioritizing sustainability, they ensure only top-quality beans make it to their roastery. Cafe x Bica now features matcha drinks, including lattes, iced matcha, and shakes. The menu boasts twice-baked croissants, cookies, muffins, pastries, and pain au chocolat from French bakery Goûter.


The design of the café  exudes luxury, thanks to Atriani’s custom furniture and curated colour palette. It’s all about quality and style. The seating is perfectly arranged to suit everyone, whether you want a cozy corner or a lively spot for chatting.

Cafe x Bica’s popularity isn’t just about great coffee — it’s the whole experience. Despite the weekend queues, the café’s dedication to exceptional food, drinks, and service makes every visit enjoyable and relaxed.

Cafe x Bica is located at 160 Pears Ave., Unit 100.

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