Wild Chicory

525 Mt Pleasant Rd,
Toronto, ON M4S 2M4
About the Restaurant

Wild Chicory celebrates the ingredients found on Ontario soil. The restaurant is run by chef Shawn Limoges, formerly of the Danforth's Globe Bistro. Wild Chicory is all about seasonal and fresh produce and protein, while the decor is an homage to country living. This restaurant is where fine dining meets a casual and cosy ambiance.

The menu is made up of classic Canadian dishes, to which Limoges adds his personal and modern touches. The beef tenderloin tartare is one of the most photogenic dishes on the menu. Topped with pickled onion and fresh potato crisps this dish is elevated to more artistic creation, much like many of the other dishes on the menu. Wild Chicory also has a great cocktail program. They batch a barrel-aged Negroni, as well as a couple of other signature cocktails on the menu.