Magen Meats

7241 Bathurst St,
Thornhill, ON L4J 3W1
About the Restaurant

This uptown kosher butcher knows good meats and wants to bring the old-world butcher shop into the modern era. Magen Meats is Thornhill's number one kosher butcher. Providing the best-quality and most affordable meat to the suburbanites, Magen Meats has become pretty popular among the COR community. With countless raw and prepared options, this butcher/deli is the perfect place to come and pick up everything you might need for a family feast. There are a number of grass-fed natural beef options, and Magen also carries an assortment of lamb and poultry, as well as a ton of prepared foods like soups and schnitzels. So next time you're north of the city, stop in for some old-world hospitality at a bountiful butchery.