Madrina Bar Y Taperia

2 Trinity St,
Toronto, ON M5A 3C4
About the Restaurant

Catalan flavours are flamenco dancing onto peoples palates at the Distillery District's Madrina Bar Y Taperia. Celebrated gastronome and native Catalan Ramon Simarro has curated a tapas menu that features your favourite memories from the Mediterranean with some international influences. The interior is beaming and whimsical and, in typical Spanish fashion, is fitted with native terra cotta tiles, pottery and Spanish-style drawings. The 37-foot bar is something to be marvelled at, and behind it sits an array of premium liquor used to create some of Madrina's most delicious and popular cocktails. The menu pays homage to the great Ferro Adria of the now closed El Bulli. The dish El Bulli olives ($6) is a culinary triumph. Besides its presentation (served on a wooden spoon), this slurpable dish is made with the classic Adria technique and is there to toy with your senses before the explosion of olive flavour exhilarates your palate. The tapas style encourages you to share amongst your table at Madrina Bar Y Taperia, so be sure to try the confit yellow belly tuna and the steak tartar on roasted bone marrow as well.