Imanishi Japanese Kitchen

1330 Dundas St W,
Toronto, ON M6J 1Y1
About the Restaurant

The casual atmosphere at Imanishi makes guests feel even more welcome. The smell of homestyle, Tokyo-inspired cooking wafts between the exposed brick walls bearing coat hangers from donated skateboard decks and between low-key wooden seating areas. Potted plants hang from exposed wooden beams to add pops of colour. Yuzu karaage and monkfish liver pâté top the list of unique offerings at this modern Japanese restaurant, a must try for culinary junkies. The menu is a marvel in unconventional dishes that work perfectly together, and the eye-popping list of hard-to-find sakes and cocktails crafted with Japanese whisky only adds to the allure. The menu is intended to be shared, piled high with small plates begging to be paired together. A true menu standout is the sweet corn, served tempura style to mix crunch, sweetness and spiced batter into one unforgettable dish. Traditionally, the delicacy, called kakiage, is only served when sweet corn is in season, but it is offered full-time at Imanishi.