161 Harbord St,
Toronto, ON M5S 1H1
About the Restaurant

There’s nothing quite like the delicious taste of a moist and mouth-watering loaf of sourdough bread, and that's exactly what Emmer is best known for. Before the opening of the bakery, dentist-by-day owner Phillip Haddad was testing out his recipes for years, offering test tastes to anyone who stopped by. Now, though the bakery may be small, it has loads (of loaves) to offer! These loaves are made fresh every day and are perfectly moist right out of the oven. If you can wait, the bread is best when left to sit and cool for 48 hours after purchase. Sweet treats served at Emmer include a variety of cookies, custards, danishes, and croissants. For heartier breakfasts, Emmer is always adding new sandwiches, brioches, and rolls to the menu. Located on the corner of Harbord and Borden, Emmer offers a covered patio for guests to sit back and enjoy the tasty treats while taking in Toronto sights.