EDO-ko Toronto


425 Spadina Rd.,
Toronto, ON M5P 2W3
About the Restaurant

This is where Forest Hill folks in the know go for sushi, all for good reasons. EDO is to the plethora of bargain sushi joints as a Bymark burger is to a Big Mac. The fish is impeccable, the kitchen both expert and careful. Whether it’s pristine fatty tuna sashimi to be inhaled with joy or complex hand rolls assembled à la minute to be eaten while the nori is still crisp, EDO’s sushi chefs are among the best in town. There are the likes of amaebi (sweet raw shrimp), unagi (barbecued sea eel) and uni (sea urchin roe) for enthusiasts and less challenging sushi items like shrimp tempura rolls and superbly tender Kobe beef for sushi virgins. Owner Barry Chaim, a nice Jewish boy from Toronto with a lifelong sushi fetish, knows that the eye eats first, so the garnishes are always gorgeous ... and it’s easy to park.