Domaine MaMo

581 Mt Pleasant Rd,
Toronto, ON M4S 2M5
About the Restaurant

This restaurant is bringing the taste of the Mediterranean to Midtown by offering traditional dishes inspired by French-Italian regional cuisine. With an owner who has been a restaurateur in Midtown for three decades and a chef who has worked in Michelin-starred restaurants across France, it’s no surprise Domaine Mamo has perfected the art of French cooking. The pasta, pizzas and seafood served here celebrate and take inspiration from the Maritime Alpines, the mountain range formed at the border of Italy and France. The bar serves up aperitifs in classic European style alongside plenty of tequila, cocktails, and wine drinks from Italy. Inside, this Mount Pleasant restaurant is upscale with velvet benches, white walls, low-hanging lights and golden accents, while outside offers a comfortable and covered front patio.