Dayali Beijing Roast Duck

20 Gibson Dr,
Markham, ON L3R 4N3


About the Restaurant

Despite the name , and the very fine duck dish, there is so much else to love here: big steaming bowls of spicy chicken, shrimp, duck gizzard, chicken feet, pork liver, brisket, or barbecued bullfrogs on a stick. There are also some lighter dishes, like corn with pine nuts and spinach with peanuts. My favourite dish from the long menu is the duck bones. The kitchen whacks up the leftover duck carcass, fries the bones and tosses them in salt, pepper and cumin. The end product is like a plate of hickory sticks with bits of meat stuck on. The menu has separate prices for members and non-members. They take reservations for groups over five. But if they don't know you, you've got to be aggressive at the door to get a seat.