503 College St,
Toronto, ON M6G 1A5

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Chef Nick Liu, the genius behind the critically lauded DaiLo takes his inspiration from classic dishes and ingredients and adds creative twists. Located in Little Italy, the restaurant has garnered rave reviews since opening in 2014. Following in the French tradition, Liu riffs on Chinese-Canadian classics, remixing them, combining different textures and flavours for a modern interpretation. The fried watermelon has been called “mind-altering” for good reason. Bean sprouts, basil, pickled melon rind and pork floss make for a mouth-watering contrasting dish steeped in family tradition. “Dai lo” means “big brother” in Cantonese and is considered to be a term of respect and love for an elder. Liu continually manages to deliver quality food that is as creative as it is traditional: his love letter to the Chinese dishes he grew up eating. “The lockdowns gave us the opportunity to re-evaluate all aspects of our business in a time of uncertainty,” says DaiLo’s general manager, Trevor Chen. “We also discussed our dine-in format, expanding our à la carte and tasting menu seating to our second floor.”

JUDGE ROGER MOOKING OF FOOD NETWORK CANADA: “Food is an evolving art form in real time and few restaurants step in and out of this authenticity and evolution dynamic as gracefully and tastefully as DaiLo.”