Bloom Cafe

596 Yonge St,
Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z3
About the Restaurant

Bloom Cafe is the latest iteration of the Tsujiri matcha cafe. Although this is a separate entity from the Japanese matcha empire, the baked goods here are brought to us by chef Tomoyuki Rikuta, who oversees all the Tsujiri pastries.

As chef Tomo's first step out from the Tsujiri umbrella, Bloom Cafe is serving a myriad of classic Japanese desserts, along with some of the chef's personal creations.

The new bakery is known for its matcha-infused goods and cake rolls; an angel food cake rolled with a fluffy-cream filling and their flavour-bomb cream puffs. The puffs come in an assortment of creative flavours like Earl Grey, matcha, mocha, oreo and vanilla. The bakery also makes a matcha and red bean soft serve, which you can chose to have on it's own or served inside one of the plain puffs. They also do an ice cream float with a selection of teas and espresso.

Using Liberty Specialty Beans coffee, this cafe is just as much a coffee shop as it is a bakery. Try one of their massive cappuccino's or matcha lattes.