Black Camel

4 Crescent Rd,
Toronto, ON M4W 1S9

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About the Restaurant

A sandwich shop doesn’t get to be a Rosedale institution by doing anything less than great work. The Black Camel’s brisket sandwich is the sparks that fly when bubby meets Texas barbecue. The meat has been roasted so long and slow that it melts in your mouth. Its tomato-based sauce is just sweet enough to make you smile, and Black Camel piles it on a soft Portuguese kaiser bun. The pulled barbecue pork sandwich is a tad hotter and sweeter, balanced on molasses and cider vinegar, although still restrained, and it too is juicy and moist. Even the veggie sandwich pops with giant flavours. A sandwich shop that can make arugula, roasted tomato, red pepper and eggplant exciting is our kinda fun. Ask for house-made barbecue sauce on the meats and piquant chipotle mayo on the veg. Takeout is best, but there are seats in a sunny window overlooking a small park. Make sure to follow the sandwich shop on Twitter as it posts when supplies are running low, which is often before closing.