Bar Aperitivo

About the Restaurant

This hotspot should be named Experience Aperitivo because it’s more than just a bar. David Rocco's Bar Aperitivo will transport you from Yorkdale to Italy with the decorative photos of Napoli that surround the entrance of the storefront. Bar Aperitivo is the type of place you stop for a Spritz on your way home from work and chat to the guy beiside you who’s also stopping for a cocktail on his way home. It’s the type of place you crack open a bottle of Italian sparkling wine with an old college friend and talk for hours while sharing a taglieri (charcuterie board) of meats and cheese. Did we mention they also do homemade gelato and have a heated patio you can rent out for private events? Yeah, this is definitely the place to go if you're looking to slow down and break from reality for a bit.