Alo Salon

162 Cumberland St,
Toronto, ON M5R 1A8
About the Restaurant

Meet Salon: Alo's first space dedicated to private dining. An intimate room that’s conveniently located in Yorkville, Salon will offer multi-course dinners in the style of Alo Bar, its adjacent neighbour, under the culinary direction of chef/owner Patrick Kriss, chef de cuisine Nick Bentley and chef de cuisine Tim Yun — Alo’s former sous chef. Since opening Alo, the team has been offered, on many occasions, a buyout of the restaurant for private functions; however, since they have a barroom for walk-ins, they chose to not close the space on usual nights of business. Alo Salon now allows for them to accept those offers with gusto. When it comes to the food program, they plan on working as much with their clients as they do Toronto’s seasons: the five-course tasting menu will highlight the finest seasonal ingredients that could be altered and enhanced for a diner’s liking. The space is set to fit about 45 guests for a sit-down dinner, 60 for a cocktail and canapés reception, and when they bust out the patio, the number gets even higher.