7 West

About the Restaurant

Restaurant 7 West serves all around the clock, 365 days a year, so you never have to miss out on good grub in our city. Located on Charles Street in the heart of the Annex, this multi-level restaurant is not only 24/7, but it also changes as you scale the stairs. The first level is 24/7, and the second and third are both open until the wee hours. It is known for its tasty assortments on the antipasto platters as well as the 7 West Sampler, which is a different iteration, with more of a Mediterranean spin. The sampler comes with hummus, roasted red pepper with chevre, pita, bruschetta, bocconcini and olives, and the platter is more typical of an Italian mezze. Try the scrumptious snacks with one of 7 West's many refreshing cocktails, like the French martini.