Toronto residents will have to drive to Scarborough and Mississauga to shop at new Zellers

When Zellers announced in January it would be making a comeback, Toronto residents may have harboured fantasies of taking a nostalgia-filled trip to their neighbourhood Zellers once the new locations of the much-loved discount retail chain opened. But it looks like that trip won’t exactly be around the corner; Zellers announced on Tuesday that the first Ontario locations will open in the nearby Erin Mills Town Centre and Scarborough Town Centre rather than in the city.

25 locations are in the works for the department store, all opening within Hudson’s Bay stores. The first locations, including the Mississauga and Scarborough stores, will open on March 23. If you’re willing to take a road trip, you’ll also find new locations in Burlington, London, St. Catharines, Cambridge, Kingston and two in Ottawa. Three locations are also opening in Alberta.

According to the new Zellers website, the company is “hard at work…getting ready to deliver a playful, helpful shopping experience; from lifestyle to home and almost everything in between.”

Zellers Diner on Wheels will reportedly be visiting different locations over the first opening days, with a full schedule to come.

While there won’t be a Toronto location just yet, according to Retail Insider, the Zellers Canada headquarters may be on the 18th floor of the Simpson Tower at 401 Bay St. connected to the Hudson’s Bay flagship store.

It seems their lovable bear mascot, ‘Zeddy’ may also be making a triumphant return.

As for the fate of ‘Zeddy’ while the company has yet to confirm if he will resume his role as mascot, a teaser clip posted on their Instagram account on Dec. 20, shows a wooden train going around a track and a very familiar looking bear’s paw also makes an appearance.

“All aboard! Next stop: your new go-to for design and value, from lifestyle to home and almost everything in between,” reads the post’s caption.

It didn’t take long for the brands eagle-eyed followers to spot the furry creature.

“Zeddy!…Is that you?!” wrote one comment.

“Zeddy had to be the most beloved Canadian bear with the best name  — whoever came up with the name Zeddy for a Zellers Teddy was a genius!” wrote another.
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Instagram posts also show that along with toys, kitchen appliances will also be on offer. No word yet if the department store’s famous diner will included in the relaunch.

Zellers opened their first store in London, Ontario in 1931 and had amassed more than 300 locations across Canada before being forced to close shop in 2013.