Zellers is bringing back their classic diner dishes and fans can vote for their favourites

When news broke that everyone’s favourite department store, Zellers would be opening 25 stores across Canada, the one thing on everyone’s mind was, are they going to bring back their iconic diner?

The answer is….yes! Well , maybe not the brick-and-mortar restaurant of days past, but the company just announced that they would be mobilizing a fleet of food trucks to greet customers at its first location that will be opening in the spring.

The Skillet inside a Zellers in Edmonton

The Zellers Diner on wheels is set to appear over a series of days and pull into various locations to serve shoppers fan favourite dishes from the Zellers Family Restaurant.

The company has tasked eager Canadians with choosing the items that will grace the menu.

Beginning today, Zellers has launched an Instagram poll   asking its loyal customers to head to their Instagram Story and vote for their top five favourite items for the new menu!

If customers embrace the comeback, the Zellers Diner on wheels will head out for its debut across Canada with tour dates and locations to be shared at a later date.

Here are the list of fan-favourite items that might be making a comeback:

1. Big Z Burger
2. Fries and Gravy
3. Hot Chicken Sandwich
4. Grilled Cheese Sandwich
5. Onion Rings
6. Quesadilla
7. Poutine
8. Hot Dog
9. Chicken Fingers
10. Veggie Burger

Only the top five will make the cut, so get your votes in now!