You might spot Eugene Levy at these restaurants in Toronto

Beloved Canadian comedian, Eugene Levy renowned for his roles in Schitt’s Creek, American Pie, SCTV and beyond, recently shared his top dining spots in his hometown of Toronto with the New York Times. Here are his top picks.

Avant Gout


Comparing his residential neighbourhood of Rosedale to New York with skyscrapers going up “a mile a minute” Levy said that local bistro Avant Gout, a Moroccan-influenced French bistro on Yonge St., has been and wife Deborah Divine’s go-to for decades.

Terroni Bar Centrale

Next on Levy’s roster is Bar Centrale, nestled on the ground floor of Terroni Price. Adjacent to Summerhill’s LCBO, Levy revealed to the NYT that he and Divine frequent this Italian haven daily, indulging in lattes and pastries, with a special commendation for their delicious croissants.

Windsor Arms Hotel


Levy tells the Times that back in the 70s he was a frequenter of the Windsor Arms, especial the hotel’s, now repurposed as an event space. While he has transitioned from late night-indulgences to earlier dinners, the Windsor Arms still earns his enthusiastic approval.

The 77-year-old also revealed that despite its touristy appeal, the CN Tower’s unparalleled vistas of the city and Lake Ontario was also a Toronto favourite. He also praised the Royal Conservatory’s exceptional musicianship, recalling his wife’s childhood piano lessons there. Meanwhile, Harry Rosen’s flagship on Bloor Street garnered top marks for its diverse array of offerings, from various designers to grooming services.

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