You can put your vaccine QR code on an ugly Christmas sweater with this Toronto agency

It’s December and holiday parties are abound, and while that’s exciting, we still live in COVID times, meaning you’ll have to be armed with your vaccine passport to go pretty much anywhere this season. A Toronto creative agency is hoping to make that easier than ever by creating ugly Christmas sweaters that include your vaccine passport QR code, ready for scanning.

“No more fumbling through your phone to find your vaccine proof,” the website, created by The Hive, reads.

Called the “Ugly Sweater Passport,” the QR code is made to look like a part of the holiday sweater design. The agency says that it’s completely functional and will allow you to enter restaurants, movie theatres and everywhere else requiring proof of vaccination.

However, they clarify that this is for “entertainment purposes only,” meaning that you should probably keep your actual vaccine passport on hand in case the QR code doesn’t scan and you’re left hanging.

The sweaters are apparently free, but they’re in high demand – the website notes that they’ve sold out “for now,” but the company has a waitlist going that you can sign up for if you’re hoping to snag one of these festive garments.

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