Yes, food costs more on Uber Eats: Here’s how much more you’re paying in T.O.

Having a hard time choosing between staying home and dining out? A common dilemma on most nights. Toronto’s culinary scene has transformed with delivery services like UberEats, ensuring convenience for those cozy Netflix marathons at home.

But, this convenience may come with a financial trade-off. The cost difference between ordering on Uber Eats and dining in is worth exploring (excluding the tip—remember to tip!).

Here’s a breakdown of some of  Toronto’s favourite restaurants, showing the price differences from the most budget-friendly to the more indulgent options.

Is the convenience of Uber Eats worth the additional costs? That’s for you to decide.

Lambo’s Deli


This deli is a local favourite known for its stacked sandwiches, homemade soups, and fresh salads, offering a diverse menu catering to both meat lovers and vegetarians.

The Food: Italian Trio Sandwich + Classic Combo Sandwich
Menu Price: $16 + $16 = $32 + tax = $36.16
Uber Eats price: $ 18 + $18 = $36 + Uber taxes and other fees: $9.40 + Uber delivery fee: $0.99 = $46.39

The difference: $10.23

Maker Pizza


A downtown gem, this pizzeria crafts artisanal pizzas with unique toppings like pulled pork, truffle oil, and jalapeño honey.

The food: Tropic Thunder (Small) Pizza + Frank’s Best (Small) Pizza
Menu Price: $24 + 24 = $48 + tax = $54.24
Uber Eats Price: $27 + $28 = $55 + Uber taxes and other fees: $11.22 + Uber delivery fee: $0.99 = $67.21

The difference: $12.97



A stylish steakhouse in Yorkville, STK’s menu features premium cuts of steak alongside an array of sides and starters. Signature cocktails and a lively atmosphere add to the experience.

The food: Steak Frites & Blue Iceberg
Menu price: $43 + $27 = $70 + tax = $79.10
Uber Eats price: $49.45 + $33.35 = $82.80 +Uber taxes and other fees: $14.04 + Uber delivery fee: $0.99 = $97.83

The difference: $18.73

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