Winter Stations and its giant raccoon Conrad are back starting this weekend

Winter Stations 2024 has unveiled its four winning designs selected from a global pool of submissions, featuring installations that will be displayed at Toronto’s Woodbine beach and Queen Street East locations including Woodbine Park, Kew Gardens, and Ivan Forest Gardens.

The theme for the 2024 Winter Stations competition is “Resonance,” challenging designers to reimagine and reinvent past Winter Stations installations.

The winning designs, set to launch on Family Day weekend, include We Caught A UFO! by Xavier Madden and Katja Banovic, Croatia and Australia; A KALEIDOSCOPIC ODYSSEY by Brander Architects Inc from Canada; Making Waves by Adria Maynard and Purvangi Patel, Canada; and NIMBUS by David Stein, Canada.

The installations are expected to be on display until the end of March.

“Over the past 10 years of Winter Stations, we’ve created incredible works of art that have moved people in incredibly meaningful ways during a season that can feel gloomy otherwise,” says Dakota Wares-Tani, an architect with RAW Design. “We hope that the impact of bringing bright and joyful stations to Toronto’s east end continues to resonate.”

Here is a look at the winning designs:

Winter Stations
We Caught a UFO


A KALEIDOSCOPIC ODYSSEY by Brander Architects Inc (Adam Brander, Nilesh P., Ingrid Garcia, Maryam Emadzadeh), Canada


Making Waves by Adria Maynard and Purvangi Patel, Canada


NIMBUS by David Stein, Canada

In addition to the winning designs, the returning stations from the Winter Stations Archives include  the ever-popular CONRAD by Novak Djogo and Daniel Joshua Vanderhorst and Delighthouse by Nick Green and Greig Pirrie.

CONRAD will make its return alongside the new installations, creating an exciting blend of past and present Winter Stations experiences.

As Winter Stations marks its 10th year, the organizers look forward to creating meaningful connections, resonating with the public, and bringing joy to Toronto’s east end

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