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Will he stay or go? Toronto gasps as Drake buys a house in Houston

Drake just bought a new house far way from Toronto and some people are starting to speculate just what that means for the city’s unofficial ambassador. The Toronto-based music icon recently had a stop for his It Was All A Blur tour in Houston, Texas and during the show, in front of nearly 20,000 people in the Toyota Center,  Drake announced that he had bought a home in the city. 

“I’m excited to share this tonight, I had to make it official first but for a long time I’ve been trying to figure out, you know, the right place for me to live – where I belong – outside of Toronto,” the rapper can be seen saying in a clip from the concert posted to Instagram. 

The revelation that Drake had not only purchased a new house but also said he was looking for somewhere to belong outside of Toronto has reverberated through his dedicated fan base.

The move is especially noteworthy as Drake has had a strong connection to his hometown throughout his career. He has owned a lavish property in the prestigious Bridle Path neighbourhood since 2015, a two-acre estate initially acquired for the substantial sum of $6.7 million. The house, custom designed and built by famous luxury home designer Ferris Rafauli, is well known to most, if not all of, Toronto’s residents and has become something of an unofficial landmark for the city. 

While Drake did announce the purchase and did have several good things to say about Houston, he made no mention of any plans to completely move out of or sell his Toronto domicile. 

In the world of celebrity real estate, having multiple homes in different cities is not uncommon. Many global superstars such as Drake have several homes, whether to help with work, for a leisure home or just to have a change of scenery every once in a while. 

Still, fans speculate as to the reason for Drake’s sudden purchase, especially when it comes to the specific location in Houston. Some believe that Drake’s move to Houston could be linked to professional opportunities in the vibrant Texas music community. Houston, with its storied musical history and vibrant hip-hop scene, might offer the musician a blank slate on which to experiment with new creative ideas and partnerships.

Others say that Drake would move to be a more private person, since he hinted at a retirement from his music career earlier this year. Drake famously has a massive wall around his Toronto estate to keep people out and still fans have found ways to get the attention from one of the city’s most famous stars. 

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