Why your parent’s care should be managed by a nurse

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Lisa Wiseman is the President and founder of Eldercare Home Health Inc. Lisa is Gerontological Nurse Certified (Canada) GNC(C) through the Canadian Nurses Association. Eldercare Home Health has been providing PSW care, that is actively case managed by Nurses, to Seniors in Toronto for over 25 years. Call us today to learn more!

Your mom is finally going back home, but the hospital’s saying she’s going to need help. Now what? How do you find the right home health care provider?

If your parent is in the hospital or is being discharged from the hospital, has Parkinson’s, dementia or has had a stroke, or is taking medications, it’s important that the care they receive is supervised and case managed by a Registered Nurse, or Registered Practical Nurse.

PSW (Personal Support Worker) caregivers are key team members in the provision of care, but they do not have the education or credentials to manage your parent’s more complex care needs.

It’s important that an experienced, qualified Nurse be available day or night, weekends and holidays to answer any questions from, and provide direction to, the PSW caregivers who are providing hands-on care to your parent.

It’s especially important that a Nurse be available should your parent’s health status unexpectedly change. The Nurse can determine and implement the correct course of action.

Nurses understand the difference from both a process point of view, and medically, between what is happening and what should be happening. They see the big picture, including the impact of different medications, treatment options and therapies, and can help advocate for your parent on a profession- al level.

Having Nurse case managers who are actively involved in your parent’s care means that potential medical issues can be recognized sooner and action can be taken proactively, avoiding trips to the hospital.

Nurses can help dramatically and positively impact your parent’s overall health and wellbeing, and recovery from illness and surgery.

Hiring a home health care company that provides PSW care that is actively case managed by Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses is probably the single most impactful decision you can make when arranging care for your elderly parent.

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