butter chicken

Where to get the best butter chicken in Toronto just in time for Diwali

To celebrate the start of Diwali  on Nov. 1o, chef and author Joshna Maharaj samples the most delicious butter chicken from Toronto’s top Indian restaurants.  Read on to see which spot took first place.

The Winner

The Copper Chimney

butter chicken


“The chicken is perfectly tender with a good, solid marination. The entire dish is harmonious.” the-copper-chimney.com, $17



“The dried fenugreek leaves give this a distinct, speckled look. The magic is in the gravy. This is the most homestyle-tasting one.” bloor.torontobanjara.com, $19.49

The Host

butter chicken

“You can taste the melted down onion, garlic and ginger. This is a very good butter chicken that’s thick enough to dip naan into.” welcometohost.com, $18.95

Indian Street Food Co.

butter chicken

“That creamy, reddy-pink colour we know and love in tandoori food is here. The sauce is great, with lots of flavour.” indianstreetfoodco.com, $27.95


butter chicken

“There’s a lot of sweetness in this butter chicken, with big chunks of meat. I like the generosity of this dish.” utsav.ca, $19.00

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