Where to find the best curries in Toronto

If you’re in the mood for an authentic curry, Toronto is one of the best Canadian cities to find it. We’re bursting with options as far as South Asian cuisine goes, which can sometimes make it tricky to narrow down a restaurant. Whether you’re a meat-eater, a vegetarian, or a vegan; prefer yellow, red, or green curries, or mild, medium or spicy flavours, here are five restaurants that serve up authentic Indian and Thai curries.

Indian Street Food Co.

Indian Street Food Co. offers you the colourful and energetic culture of street markets in Mumbai. It is a comfy and classy place to go on a date or evenly a friendly gathering. Their selection of curries are vast and are meant to be explored on multiple visits. The coastal prawn curry is a stunning main dish that’s inspired by the coastal area of south India, and mixes sweet, ripe mango with South Indian spices and fried tempered prawns. If you’re not too full, be sure to try one of their samosas, too, which come topped with red and green chutney.

Khao San Road

Owner Monte Wan ordered tiles directly from Thailand to build a high ceiling interior that makes the dining experience of Khao San Road sublime. Their varieties of curries offer all curry lovers something to indulge on. Main meals sit at $20.96, with your choice of chicken, veggie, or tofu veggie. Their delectable red curry, though, made of kabocha squash, red bell pepper, Thai basil, fresh market lime leaf and coconut milk, is a popular choice for first-time visitors.

Sukho Thai

Sukho Thai results from a chance love affair, with a couple at the heart of showcasing authentic Thai cuisine. Run by power duo chefs Nuit and Jeff Regular, who also run popular spot PAI Uptown, have a style that is professional and sleek, which adds to the flair of their delicious cooking. Their curries on offer include green curry, masaman curry, Panang curry, yellow curry, and of course, the classic red curry. The sweet blend of coconut with squash will be sure to satisfy.

Benares Cucina Indian

This beautiful restaurant is located smack dab in the heart of Toronto, right on Front Street. It’s a place that’s often bustling, but their traditional use of cooking methods, herbs and spices give it a good reason to be. The setting is classic, the food beyond memorable. Their chicken curry chicken is cooked with ginger, garlic, onion, tomatoes, and an assortment of spices. Other curry options, such as chicken Goa curry chicken or chick korma chicken cooked in a cashew curry sauce, will satisfy. 

The Host

The Host, located in Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood (as well as a location in Richmond Hill), offers an entire menu page of curry selections, giving the consumer the option to include meat in the dish or to order something from the vegetarian section. It isn’t easy to make a decision. Highlights of their curry meal include Patiala curry, which includes a tangy sauce of onion and tomato, raisins and nuts. But if you’re searching for more spice, vindaloo with chicken, lamb, or shrimp is your best selection.

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