What I Wore: head-to-toe denim with Bluenotes, Wrangler and Fitzroy Boutique

This is embarrassing to admit, but up until last week, I didn’t know what National Denim Day was. Admittedly, I’d seen and heard little bits and bobs about it, but never processed what it was really about. This is ridiculous for a couple of reasons: one, why would a girl who loves denim ignore National Denim Day? And two, the annual day has been going strong since 1997!

After crawling out from under my rock, I discovered that National Denim Day was created by the CURE Foundation and occurs annually on the Tuesday after Mother’s Day. So what happens on this day of denim? Businesses, organizations and institutions across the country are encouraged to allow their employees, members and students to wear denim, donate $5 and help save lives in Canada. Did you know that an estimated 23,400 new cases of breast cancer were diagnosed in women, 190 new cases in men, and that 5,155 persons died of this disease last year alone?

Rest assured, I gave myself a good smacking on the wrist for previously ignoring such an important day. Like many others, breast cancer is a disease that has affected my immediate family and friends. Thankfully, these people are still with me today, but not everyone can say the same. This is why I partake in Run for the Cure, which I have vowed to run every year with my best friend since our first go at it last year.

This is what I wore for National Denim Day. Yes, that is a head-to-toe denim look you are seeing. What I’d like to point out most is the pair of cobalt blue jeans. If you think they’re a $200 pair from J Brand, they’re not. They’re a pair of $25 jeans from Bluenotes.

What is special about these jeans is not just that they look great, fit great and cost less than an average lunch date, but that purchasing these jeans meant $1 went to CURE and that a new pair of jeans was donated to a local charity. When was the last time spending $25 did that for you?

For every pair of jeans sold until Sunday, May 20, Bluenotes will continue to donate $1 to CURE and donate a fresh new pair of jeans to those in need.

Besides the fact that I think everyone needs a pair of these in their summer wardrobe (they come in array of other bright colour options too), how could you say no to supporting such a great cause through shopping?

What I Wore: Jeans from Bluenotes, sleeveless denim shirt from Fitzroy Boutique, vintage denim jacket by Wrangler, shoes by ALDO Rise, necklace by Blackbird, and sunglasses by Swarovski.

Grace Carroll is a Toronto-based freelance writer whose work has appeared in ELLE UK, ELLEcanada.com, Plaid magazine and FILLER magazine. Keep up with her daily blog at www.graciecarroll.com.

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