What are the gambling laws in Toronto in 2024?

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The topic of gambling legalization has been highly contentious in Canada over the past few decades. There was a time when the notion that you could legally gamble seemed fanciful, as most provinces had near-complete bans on betting or gambling outside of licensed casinos. Gambling legalization became a reality in 2021 when the Senate approved law C-218 to allow provinces to create independent laws around sports betting and casino gambling. Toronto, fortunately is one of the places in Canada where you can legally gamble.

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Gambling Legalization

Being able to gamble in Toronto does not mean you can open up any random website and start betting money. You must sign up at a licensed and reputable platform like BetMGM Online Casino or other institutions. These gambling sites are fully licensed and backed by Ontario’s Lottery and Gaming Corporation.

Canada is extremely strict about its gambling laws, which means that any business hoping to target its citizens must comply with Canadian laws. While you may think that any restriction on gambling is reductive, these laws are in place to protect Canadians from only gambling at reputable and licensed establishments.

Playing Online and In-Person

Ontario allows for betting online and in-person as well as sports betting and casino games, so long as you are 19 and over. However, lottery tickets and bingo games are permissible when you turn 18.

Online gambling and sports betting are legal in Toronto, but you must comply with Ontario’s gaming laws when you are there. Even if you are a visitor to Ontario, you should only use a registered gambling site within Ontario’s borders — thus you will have to enable geolocation on your phone to allow the app or website to determine if you are in the area where it can legally operate.

After you have signed into the legal casino of your choosing, there are no restrictions on the games you can play. The most popular casino titles such as poker, blackjack, roulette, craps and slots are all available to play, and you can also bet on sports games.

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Experience Toronto’s Gambling Culture

Toronto is one of Canada’s most popular places to visit for slots or blackjack. Whether you are in the area because you have visited Niagara Falls or attended a conference, a trip to a casino is a must during your stay.

There are so many sophisticated, classy and enjoyable casinos that you can visit in the area. Casino Woodbine, Casino Roma Resort, Great Blue Heron Casino and Casino Niagara are some of the best options within the city and its surroundings.

If you want to play cards against top opponents, Great Blue Heron Casino is a terrific place to visit. Casino Niagara has a mix of locals and tourists, where you can gamble on anything from multi-sport bets to penny slots. Each casino has a unique ambiance and clientele, so you should consider visiting a broad range.

Picking a Top-Rated Online Casino

While there are so many outstanding casinos in the Toronto area where you can play games such as poker and blackjack, you may occasionally want to play those games online. The issue that some people have with online gambling is that they pick a platform that may not be licensed to provide gambling services in their area. 

If you plan to gamble online while in Toronto, you should find a list of online casinos with licenses to operate in Ontario. The advantage of using such a casino is that you are fully protected against any issues. You can also add money to your online casino account with the peace of mind that you’re operating a reputable, secure, high-class online casino platform.

When you narrow your online casino options to three or four different platforms, you can make a final choice based on the available promotions. Many casinos will offer a 25 per cent to 100 per cent bonus on the first deposit you make on their platform. Such bonuses can lead to many extra funds in your online casino account that you can use to try out fun gambling games.

The Perks of Betting Safely and Legally

There is no comparison to make between gambling sites that are legal and licensed and those that do not have the authority to operate in a specific city or country. When you are signing up to play poker, blackjack or slots, you will want to use a platform with the highest data protection standards that have demonstrated its games’ fairness to an independent gambling commission. All the laws surrounding gambling are an advantage to the Canadian gambler. Whether you are now living in the area or are just visiting for a few days, inform yourself of the laws to ensure you can have a safe and exceptional gambling experience.

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