Watch a terrifying movie outside in one of Toronto’s creepiest locations

The inaugural “Dark Side of…” Distillery District movie series promises to bring the chills and thrills this summer as part of the Lavazza IncluCity Festival, presented by ICFF. Starting June 27 and continuing through July 21, the Distillery District will morph into a fear-inducing spectacle that brings the horror-thriller genre to life in one of the city’s famously haunted locales.

This unique movie experience, nestled in the heart of one of the city’s historic locations, will feature an uncut version of Brandon Cronenberg’s acclaimed 2023 thriller, Infinity Pool. Cronenberg’s mind-bending and terrifying film, with its twisty narrative and uncanny chills, finds an apt setting amid the haunting Distillery District.

Artistic Director of ICFF, Cristiano de Florentiis, expresses immense excitement for this unique venture into the realm of horror. He acknowledges the distinct thrill of welcoming Cronenberg to an event designed to honor his significant contributions to the genre. “This is certainly an event that horror enthusiasts should mark in their calendars,” De Florentiis notes.

Andrea Chiaramello, Head of Lavazza, Canada, echoes De Florentiis’s excitement. “Our goal at ICFF is to push boundaries and provide unforgettable experiences,” he says. “Our new horror program promises to do just that, with a collection of spine-chilling narratives sure to leave audiences breathless.”

Under the discerning eye of Chris Alexander, filmmaker, author, editor of Delirium Magazine, film journalist, and notable horror aficionado, the Dark Side series promises to deliver a captivating exploration of horror movies. Alexander believes, “Cinema has the power to mirror our essence, and in the horror genre, this reflection is unapologetically dark and occasionally unsettling.”

This journey into the chilling side of cinema includes the North American theatrical premiere of the much-anticipated Australian horror movie, Godless: The Eastfield Exorcism, on June 30. This story pushes the boundaries of faith and fear as it follows Lara and Ron’s fight against their personal demons.

Following this, the Canadian premiere of Marisa Vallone’s The Land of Women takes place on July 7th. This tale of enchantment and sacrifice presents Fidela, a village witch torn between her ability to heal the cursed and create life for others and her longing for something she cannot have.

The series concludes with a special presentation of Infinity Pool on July 14. The plot revolves around an idyllic beach vacation that quickly devolves into a nightmarish ordeal, leading audiences down a path of violence, hedonism, and unimaginable horrors.

The IncluCity Festival awaits to engross, terrify, and mesmerize you with an incredible lineup of genre films in a perfectly eerie setting.

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