Violence at Canada’s Wonderland sparks chaperone policy debate

Violence at Canada’s Wonderland Sparks Chaperone Policy Debate

Should Canada’s Wonderland develop some sort of chaperone system for those under the age of 18? That’s the question being asked after the massive amusement park kicked off its 2023 season with a weekend that included violence and  a series of arrests.

According to CTV News Toronto, a spokesperson for Canada’s Wonderland confirmed that a number of guests were kicked out due to “unruly behaviour and altercations” and arrested on Saturday.

A number of videos from May 6 posted on social media sites including Instagram and TikTok show what appears to be a physical confrontation between some of the younger guests,  that turned into a food court food fight. In the videos, a number of people appear to led away in handcuffs, while others appear to be arguing. There are several people in attendance filming.

@sereen_khalifa there was like 7 fights too #fyp #wonderland #vaughan #bangout ♬ U are my high Future and Dj Snake – 🫶🏽

In the comments section, users suggested adding a chaperone policy for those under 18.

“They need to make it under 18 with parents,” wrote one user

“Wonderland needs to start doing permission slips for these children that must have a parent chaperone,” wrote another user.

York Regional Police (YRP) told CityNews that while investigators can’t comment directly on the videos shared online, “Reports included disputes, robberies and assaults. Some of the investigations have been concluded, and others remain ongoing,” the spokesperson said.

“We have zero tolerance for this kind of behaviour as the safety of our guests and associates is always our top priority,” said Canada’s Wonderland spokesperson Grace Peacock.

While the park did not specify on the number of guests arrested, “Park security and on-site York Region Police officers responded quickly and appropriately, and several arrests were made,” Peacock said.

Canada’s Wonderland opened to the public on Friday and will be launching two new rides later this month. Tundra Twister promises to “have guests spinning, twisting and twirling upside-down at heights of 47 metres and speeds of 75 km/h,” and Snoopy’s Racing Railway will take guests “through the dips and turns of a wild railway adventure.”

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